Help Us Help Our Turtles

⚓️ Fill your digs. Baby Turtles can get stuck in holes. 
⚓️ Leave only your footprints on the beach at the end of the day. Please keep our beaches clean.

⚓️Lights out. Mother turtles make nests by moon light (May to Mid-August) and new hatchlings find their way home by the moonlight’s reflection on the water (July through October).

⚓️Most important – Do not disturb!

The Grand Strand has many volunteer groups who patrol the beach daily during turtle season in an effort to ensure the safety of the Loggerhead Turtles and their nests. Myrtle Beach State Park offers a 1⁄2 mile walk open to the public every Friday at 6 am from June through July. To learn more about the Loggerhead Turtle visit Huntington State Park or Myrtle Beach State Park. You can also reach out to S.C.U.T.E (South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts) on Facebook.

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