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There is nothing better than a comfy chair, a refreshing drink, and the smell of a soft ocean breeze when enjoying some relaxing time, whether it be poolside or while lying in the warm sand. Throw in a captivating book and you may catch your vacation time slipping away faster than expected. When the book includes hidden gems about the area you’re visiting, it adds a little extra intrigue.

Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks

When a beloved author like Nicholas Sparks puts out a novel that tells a story from two points of view that eventually merge into a compelling finale, who wouldn’t be intrigued? The story follows Colby, a farmer from North Carolina, who takes a musical gig in St. Pete Beach Florida. He meets Morgan Lee and his world is turned upside down. Meanwhile Beverly, who is fleeing an abusive relationship, is trying to create a new life for her and her six-year-old son in a small town off the beaten path. Anxiety and fear get the best of her, causing everything she knows to be questioned when she makes a desperate decision. Eventually fate draws Colby, Morgan and Beverly together in a web that forces each to wonder if a better future can survive the heavy-weighted past.

The House By The Ocean by Ivory Fields

This lovely story about a wife starting over after a tragic loss is the first book in Ivory Field’s Myrtle Beach series.  Leann is her grandmother’s sole inheritor of a beach house in Myrtle Beach.  She decides to relocate for healing and a fresh start. Shortly after her move, she learns of a family secret that adds a bit of mystery and intrigue. The more Leann searches, the fewer answers she finds.  Ms. Fields draws the reader in with sweet emotions and beautiful themes of the quaint beach town life. This is a shorter read, perfect for those who are looking for something to occupy a little down time on your vacation.

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